Community Center Multi-function Building

Don't let the rain fall on our 400 kids!

Complete -

Building Completed



$2,500 -

Nuts, Bolts, Misc.

$10,000 -

Roof Installed!!

$15,000 -

Door Frames & Doors

$20,000 -


The walls are up and there is a leaky pitchy-patchy tarp roof that leaks like a seive over the space. Last year it just turned into a mud hole, but  we had to use it nonetheless. We can't really go another rainy season exposed to the weather like we have been. It's not healthy for the children, who are at risk to start with!

We have a project listed with Global Giving to raise the $25,000 needed to complete the building - roof, floor, windows, doors. Nothing fancy, no gilding, functional is the goal.

$5,000 -

Initial Structural Steel

$7,500 -

Heavy Structural Steel

Roofing Sheets

$12,500 -

Ring Beam Installation

$17,500 -


$22,500 -

Pay the Architect

We use the space for assemblies, special events, community outreach and when it's all muddy......well it's not ideal. We'd like to use it for lunch servicewhen it rains.

Won't you please consider helping. Any amount will be welcome and we will keep you posted as to our progress with pictures and financial reports.