An Education is a gift we can give

Public Schools are not free in Zambia! The public school fees  - not free!! - make school inacessible for a large part of the population. This community school is making a huge difference by offering an education for a token fee, still burdensome, but  affordable for many, but not all. It takes many to subsidize this effort and every dollar lightens the load. Please consider a recurring support commitment.

In a region where 80% live on less than $1 a day

How to Help

Sponsor a Teacher

For a mere $250 you could sponsor a teacher for a month

Sponsor a Week's Lunch

For a mere $125 you could sponsor lunch for 400 kids for a whole week - sometimes the only meal of the day for them

Sponsor an Orphan

For a mere $25 you could sponsor an orphan at Hope House Orphanage for a month

Sponsor a Teacher for a Month $250

Sponsor an Orphan for a Month $25

Sponsor Lunch for one Kid for a Week $1.25

Sponsor Lunch for all 400 children for a Week $125